Premier ~ Unbelievable? The Conference 2021

How to tell the Greatest Story Ever Told

This year’s conference was hosted by Justin Brierley & Ruth Jackson. It brought together world-renowned historians, theologians and communicators, including N.T. Wright, Tom Holland, Clare Williams and Sean & Josh McDowell.

Seminar 1

NT Wright: How to Retell Jesus' Story to a World that's Forgotten

Seminar 2

Tom Holland: Why I Changed my mind about Christianity and why it matters

Seminar 3

Clare Williams & Sean McDowell: The Church is losing young people. Can Jesus win them back?

Seminar 4

Sean McDowell & Josh McDowell: Reimagining the next 20 years - lessons from a father and son

Seminar 5

Tom Holland & NT Wright: How do we tell the greatest story ever told in a post-pandemic world?

Seminar 6

Tom Holland & NT Wright: Ask NT Wright Anything Live

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