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Self Assessment

Ron Ford January 22, 2023

The Way of the Lord Assessment

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21 Allegiance
32 Purposes
43 Roles
54 Guiding Beliefs
65 Daily Practices

Assessment Introduction

Please complete the following questionnaire by scoring yourself for each of the statements that you will be presented. Evaluate the statement and indicate if it is “Not True of Me,” “Sometimes True of Me,” “Often True of Me,” or, “Always True of Me.”

Be as honest as you can, but try to avoid being hyper-critical with yourself. This is not a pass/fail exam. Its just a way for you to get a benchmark on where you are in these 15 key biblical practices and principles for living as a Disciple of Jesus. Be encouraged by the strengths that you discover or confirm, and note any areas where you can look to grow. When finished, you will be emailed a PDF copy as well as be able to download a copy of the results immediately.

Please Note:The Way of the Lord survey is divided into 5 Sections with one section per page in the survey.

Across these 5 Sections you will assess the 15 elements of the Way of the Lord to establish a benchmark for yourself in these essential areas of your discipleship to Jesus. Section 1, One Allegiance, will assess the first element called, 1 Allegiance. Section 2, Two Purposes, will assess 2 additional elements, Section three will assess 3 elements, and so forth.

Please note: you can save and come back to the survey if necessary. You can copy a link that will be provided to restart the assessment (don’t lose it, we can’t recover it), or you can enter an email address at that point to receive the restart survey link by email.