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Think & Talk about it (for Monday 3/13)

Ron Ford February 24, 2023

Here are some questions for consideration and discussion. [Click the blue “Take Notes” button to capture your thoughts to review & share later when we meet.]

  1. If in Jesus, God has forgiven your sin, defeated its power in your life, and adopted you back into his household, restoring your position and the heritage lost in the crisis of Eden, how will your day-to-day life need to change?
  2. If in Jesus, God has defeated the principalities and powers that have held humans in bondage and fear for centuries, how will you behave and think differently now that you have been set free to become who you were created to be?
  3. Suppose that in Jesus, the Sovereign Creator has begun the restoration of all things that will ultimately end in the New Heavens and New Earth. How do your priorities need to adjust so that you give yourself more and more to what God is doing and less and less to what is not important and will not last?