Leaders Only Introduction

Leaders-Only Introduction To The Power Ministry School

Is the mission of "Equipping the Saints" important to you? How is it going?

Our mission is to help you with your mission.

The Power Ministry School is a FREE online resource created to make your job easier, more effective, and to product results faster. This short introduction is just for leaders and explains what the Power Ministry School is and how you can use it to better raise up men and women who can reach this generation with the Love and Power of Jesus.

This short video will cover the following:

I think it is sometimes helpful to hear what an author or creator actually has in mind about what they are doing. It can make more sense of what they have produced. The PDF document here is about my agenda for doing this project, and for doing it the way I am doing it. If you are reviewing this and giving me feedback, I wanted you to have in mind what I am trying to achieve in building this online resource.

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