The 4 Core Courses

Register for the Four Core Courses of the Power Ministry School

These four courses distill many years of teaching, listening, watching, doing and training others to do the ministry of Jesus. We hope these online resources will prove to be a launching pad for you, too. Register, Today! Let’s Get Started.

Jesus is alive and he is still working through his people to share life, hope, and healing, and the Gospel of the Kingdom, with those in our generation, as he did in his. 

Do you wonder if he would do that with you? Or is this only for the great leaders of the church, the mighty men and women of holiness and faith that most of us aren’t?

We’ve found that Jesus was serious when he told his disciples to ‘pass it on’ to the next generations – “to teach them to do all that he had instructed them to do” (preach the gospel, heal the sick, cast out demons, comfort the afflicted, etc.). 

We’ve also found that when followers of Jesus like you are instructed in the ways of the Lord and given permission to get involved, the Holy Spirit quickly backs up the Word of God and amazing and wonderful fruit is produced.

First Things First – Orientation

Essential foundations to begin exploring the principles and practices of living as a disciple of Jesus and finding your place in what God is doing in your world today.

Course 1: The Gospel and Power Ministry

Learn how Power Ministry belongs right in the center of the Gospel of the Kingdom and is an essential part of the mission assigned to Jesus' disciples.

Course 2: The Way of the Lord and Power Ministry

Learn to live a life with God from which a lifetime of ministry will flow. Power Ministry is a part of a whole new lifestyle for Jesus’ disciples to learn to live.

Course 3: Jesus the Model for Power Ministry

Jesus’ life and ministry provide His disciples with the model for how to take up our mission in His Kingdom plan and purposes (Matthew 28:18-20; Ephesians 4:11-16).

Course 4: The Holy Spirit and Power Ministry

Learn to be “Naturally Supernatural” and partner with the Holy Spirit to bring the transforming and healing love and power of Jesus’ Kingdom to others in your life.

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